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I know how lucky I am, working with some amazing children really is the best job in the world, but this week has been really exciting to be creating course work and practical sessions to share with professionals and parents at four events over the next month. Its such a great experience to be apart of when sharing the benefits of sensory massage and positive touch.



Wellbeing in the work place



Okay so we all lead busy lives both at work and home and its easy to make excuses.. But are you making time for you to de-stress? For most of you I’m sure the answer will be no!!

If this is you then here are a few ways that you can start to de-stress and look after yourself again without needing to put aside much time to do so..

Be active.. Ok so exercise isn’t going to relieve all stress levels but it will help to clear thoughts and feelings allowing time to clearly address areas which may be causing issues. If time is an issue then try walking to work, take the stairs instead of the lift etc.

Take control.. Self control can be extremely empowering and self satisfying. Why not try taking back control of situations, whether this be in saying no, bringing in new ideas etc.. You take control!!

Connect with others.. Use your connections with friends, family and colleagues to support and assist you in any problems you have.. A problem shared is a problem halved!!

Me time.. Find time for yourself. Read a book, exercise, relax, do whatever it is that makes you happy and allows you time to switch off.

Help others.. This is a great way of helping to refocus and put things into perspective. The more you give the better you will feel allowing you to feel happier and more appreciative.

Acceptance.. Learn to accept that there are some things that you cant change. Don’t let these situations or circumstances control your feelings or allow you to become stressed over situations that you have no control of.

So.. What do you think? Do you think you can start implementing a few if not all of these techniques?

Finally… If you feel that this is something that you and your workplace would like to look more into then I would love to discuss the options and benefits of my ‘Wellbeing’ sessions. I am available to attend your workplace and provide a variety of holistic therapies including; reiki, massage, group meditation and mindfulness activities which could offer an additional de-stressing opportunity for everyone.

Remember stress free staff are far more likely to work more effectively and an environment which promotes a healthy wellbeing shows that it cares about its employees.

For more info contact Cherri on 07547792941







And so the Summer holidays begin…


I can safely say that when I think of Newcastle, sunshine is not the first image that springs to mind.. that said the past few days have been beautiful and hopefully it will continue so that we can all get to spend some quality family time over the summer with our loved ones.

It’s always a difficult thing deciding what to do or where to go through the holidays but a great and free way of having a fun time is with the massage sessions… Why not try and put some time aside with the kids and begin to make up stories or discuss future trips and outing etc.

My two children (now 11 and 8) can find it difficult to find a similar interest, which can mean that I’m trying to plan 2 different activities on a daily basis through the holidays, BUT they both enjoy the massage and have fun creating poems and stories to share with others.

Here’s a story to get you started… We’d love to hear how you get on!!

The Seaside.

(Circle) We’re going to the seaside..we’re going in the car.

(Fan) It’s a lovely sunny day driving down the road.. I wonder what we’ll see?

(Bounce) We’ll be splashing in the water.

(Sprinkle) We’ll be playing in the sand.

(Bounce) Watch out for the crabs..Don’t let them pinch your hand.

(Claw) We’re going to eat an it doesn’t melt.

(Circle) Back to the car we go.. what a lovely day.

I hope you all have fun and enjoy a well deserved relaxing break!!

Cherri 🙂

What Ive been up to..

Hello all,

So I hope that you’ve all been enjoying the small snippets of sunshine that we’ve been having.. I certainly have!!

I’ve been having a great time offering sensory massage sessions outside and have really noticed a difference in how the children react within different surroundings.

As many of you will already bee aware, I enjoy the variety of my work which can change on a day to day basis from; mainstream school, additional needs schools, 1:1’s and with babies. It can be difficult to explain the sessions to people, which is why I like to offer the first visit/session free of charge so that staff and or parents can get to see firsthand how I work, adapt and interact.

If you or somebody you know may be interested or you feel that your childs setting could gain from this service then please contact us for more information and additional benefits we could provide.

Finally I have attached a link to a clip of some of the work that I do. Many of my work is confidential and so am unable to share images of work carried out in schools and of children in care.

Thank you :)FB_IMG_1463742240181


..And to top it off..


So firstly, huge apologies for the lack of updates on Tocco therapy, 2016 has been extremely busy so far.. and hopefully long may it continue!

I have been fortunate enough to have secured some local ongoing contracts within schools and my 1:1 work with clients living with a disability and family infant massage sessions have become rather popular as well, so please feel free to contact me if you would like to know more.

Its such an exciting time and it is wonderful to have had the opportunity to discuss new ideas for the future with some very influential people. Being able to provide this inclusive and very adaptable therapy has received some really positive feedback and I would love to share it with as many people as possible as we are all aware of the benefits and importance ‘positive, stimulating and nurturing touch’ can have on us.

And to top it all off.. this morning I received an unexpected email, notifying me that ‘Tocco therapy’ had been nominated for a ‘Business of the year’ award 2016… I am so excited, but even more than that, I’m just over the moon knowing that somebody has gone out of their way to nominate me for what I do and try to achieve with the business means so much more.

Thanks again for taking the time tout of your day to catch up with whats been happening…


Happy 2016 Everyone!!

Happy new year everyone. I hope that you have all had a relaxing and enjoyable festive holiday.. I certainly have, but can honestly say that I have missed all the fab families, staff and children that I get to work with on a regular basis.

So what does 2016 hold for you? For us at ‘Tocco Therapy’ its going to be a very exciting year. The introduction of two new courses (which I will be running nationwide) will start in February and the option of ‘family pack’ sessions will be starting from April.

The ‘Family pack’ will include advice and instructions on Infant and/or Story massage as well as offering relaxing and therapeutic massage sessions for the parents.. Why should the parents be missed out!!

The two other courses can be easily adapted but are aimed towards Parents and then Professionals.. If you would like to know more about what these courses provide then please feel free to contact me, alternatively if you feel that a nurturing, stimulating and alternative therapy would benefit your child or teens educational setting or someone that you know, then please pass on this info.

Thanks again for taking an interest,

Cherri 🙂

Parent workshops


So today was the final session of one of the 4week parent workshops. I always really enjoy the final session, when the children are allowed to join their parents and you can witness the effects of the massage. I always feel so privileged to be apart of their loving hands on experience. Its so special to see. Thank you Hareside parents 🙂

What a week!!

This week has been rather full and exciting…

So as well as the usual fun I get to have on a day to day basis, I’ve got some new activities to add to my week.

First off I’ve started two new sessions within schools and have also started attending at an afterschool club for one session a week.

We completed Week 2 of the current Parents Workshop, which saw parents getting involved and opening up to the new ways of using touch.. The language, expression, emotions and confidence were wonderful to see develop throughout the session.. I cant wait to see what Weeks 3 and 4 bring!!

20151009_110628_resized_1      20151002_102719_resized_1     20151009_110607(2)_resized

And finally my business cards have been featured in the Award winning ‘Family and travel blog’  (So take a peek) 🙂

Thanks again Cherri



This is a picture of me and the lovely Marie from I would just like to say a huge, appreciative THANK YOU to her for the beautifully captured natural photos, which were taken of some of the amazing families I have the privilege to work with..

Here’s a couple… Have a peek in the gallery to view more 🙂

Thanks again Marie xxx

46     77     58

End of term!!


Can you believe it, the term is over and now we have 6 weeks to entertain and motivate our little ones until September.

Many of Tocco baby’s activities will finish for 6 weeks. Please contact me if you are unsure where and when classes will be running.

I will be holding sessions at the Tim Lamb centre and Hadrians holiday club. These are for children with PMLD. Please contact for more info.

So while we are away, why not try making up some stories and massage of your own..

Here’s one to get you started…

What a lovely day. The sun is warm.  (circle)

Lets go to the beach. I can see the sand. (sprinkle)

The waves are rolling in the sea. I wonder if we can see the fish. (wave)

Lets paddle and walk along the beach. (walk)

Time to dry our feet. (squeeze)

Shall we have an ice cream? I hope it doesn’t melt. (claw)

Its time to go home. What a lovely day. (fan)

Id love to see photos and hear about your holiday adventures 🙂