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Sensory massage sessions have been wonderful for our daughter. She enjoys how Cherri uses different music tempo and visual aids to keep the sessions varied. I have also noticed that over a period of time her constipation has eased a little.

Jen and Mia

Story massage was a fabulous experience for our students. They all responded positively to the activity. A lot of our students are tactile defensive, struggle with social interaction and anxieties. These sessions encouraged intensive communication, relationship building and increased toleration to positive touch. Cherri the facilitator of the sessions was very informative, she was inclusive and ensured she was aware of the students additional needs. This was apparent in her delivery of the sessions and her differentiated resources. Story massage will be a session we plan to implement into  our weekly timetable, we will be basing it around themes that are age appropriate and motivating to our students.

Karley Moralee, Senior teacher at Percy Hedley college


I have really enjoyed doing the Parent workshop. Both myself and Andrew have benefitted from the massage. This is helping him to relax and sleep.

Victoria and Andrew


The Parent workshop with Cherri has been great. I didn’t really spend any 1:1 time with the kids, so its made an excuse to do something with them.

Suzanne with 7 and 11 year old children.


Cherri visits weekly. Since the visits have started my son expresses enjoyment from touch and will lift his arms for a cuddle. I noticed he uses some sound during the sessions. I know he loves it.

Danni and Harry


My daughter has cerebal palsy and Cherri visits the home. It is great as Mae is completely relaxed and comfortable in her own home. Cherri uses books, music and pictures along with the massage. Mae enjoys her hour!

Mandy and Mae


My son loves his weekly Toccotalk session with Cherri. Cherri has encouraged him to use PECS to help him to communicate where to receive his massage.

Emma and Ben


Thanks again Cherri for the support with Joe. I really think that the Toccotalk techniques made a difference for him whilst he was doing his sats..I’m hoping to keep it up, it was nice to share some time with him!

Dawn and Joe


Cherri works privately with my 2 boys (2 and 4 yrs) My eldest has autism. They both love Tocco massage classes and of course her too!!

Vicky and boys


Cherri has been wonderful. Both myself and Joseph have loved the sessions. I believe that massage is the reason I am so chilled and Joseph is such a relaxed baby.

Barbara and Joseph


Cherri was great for us. After having twins earlier in the year, I struggled to begin with. But Cherri gave me the confidence in my ability and I loved our weekly sessions.

Jo, Jack and Sam


I’m starting a 5 week course with Cherri in a couple of weeks time, but Cherri was very kind and shared some techniques on colic and constipation. Thanks and looking forward to starting.

Emma and Bobby (4 weeks)


Harry had his first 1:1 story massage today, it was amazing, he loved it. Well done Cherri you are magic, cant wait till next week!

Vicky and sons Harry 4 and Freddie 2


Attended a story massage session today and it was amazing! I cant believe how all the boisterous kiddies suddenly calmed and all got thoroughly into it! Cherri really brought ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ to life with massage and it was such a lovely experience.. I highly recommend it!!

Gemma and Daughter Megan


I took my daughter to a Tocco tot class today. It was brilliant. Evie enjoyed herself and we were both made to feel very welcome.

Sarah and 10 month old Evie

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