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1:1, SILBLING & INDIVIDUALLY TAILORED SESSIONS – So why offer tailored sessions? ‘Tocco Therapy’ have noticed that although there are many massage courses available, many of them leave family’s restricted and unable to attend. Reasons include: unsuitable days/times, older siblings, health conditions,  transport, etc. We want to share the importance of massage and the benefits that the nurturing touch can have on the whole family and so want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to access these inclusive sessions. (45 mins)


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GROUPS- Tocco Therapy offer group classes. Currently we offer massage courses and classes in Cramlington. Sessions run on specific days and times although due to providing tailored sessions we can arrange for you to host sessions in your home along with a few friends and receive a free gift.

What happens in group classes? Groups generally work in 2 ways, firstly we offer a 5 week massage course for families with a child aged 0-12 months. This course focuses on the importance of positive and nurturing touch through massage. A bond between baby and adult is visible and strengthened through gaining an additional understanding of the touch that baby enjoys. The 5 massage sessions cover all parts of the body and introduce strategies to assist with reducing colic, wind, constipation, sleeplessness, teething and generally calming your baby.

The sessions last on average  60 minutes. This includes time for a discussion and a refreshment at the end.

Tocco tot and Tocco talk classes focus on providing positive touch through story telling. We encourage babies who are able to sit and over to bring their favourite book and we take it in turns to  illustrate and act upon key words and themes from the books on the back or torso, whilst encouraging a calming and relaxing atmosphere. Most of us enjoy being physically touched, but we don’t always remember or find time to offer this to others, this is why a short story massage class can be the perfect way to ensure that your child is receiving the nurturing touch that they will love and want to share.

The session lasts around 30-45 minutes including time for a discussion and refreshment at the end.


School sessions, workshops and training

For more info on how we could benefit the pupils, parents and staff at your school, please contact us. Currently sessions are being held at Percy Hedley college and Hadrian school, although sessions have been provided recently to Hareside school, The Toby Henderson trust and the Tim Lamb centre.

Reiki and guided meditation

These sessions are offered in 30 or 60 minute sessions and can be offered in the comfort of your own home. Reiki is an alternative therapy to help reduce stress and assist in relaxation.  Benefits include deep relaxation promoting a calm, peaceful sense of well being on all levels. Some people feel sensations of heat, tingling, or experience seeing colours, whilst others can have an emotional response, indicating that shifts are taking place, allowing harmony to be restored.

Please complete the form below for more information or book on a course. We will reply shortly, Thank you




Group price

1:1 price

Home 1:1 price

5 week course

60 min £35 6 max



Story massage

30-60 min £5.00 6 max £20-30



30-60 min N/A £20-35


Tailored sibling

60 min  £8.50                 3 family max £20-30


Tailored…teens & additional needs

60 min £10.00 3 max £20-25

£25 – £35

To find out more about pricing and cost for a school or organisation then please contact direct. Each requirement is different so prices may vary although discounts can be made with ongoing contracts.

(These may vary depending on circumstances/requirements)



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