Wellbeing in the work place



Okay so we all lead busy lives both at work and home and its easy to make excuses.. But are you making time for you to de-stress? For most of you I’m sure the answer will be no!!

If this is you then here are a few ways that you can start to de-stress and look after yourself again without needing to put aside much time to do so..

Be active.. Ok so exercise isn’t going to relieve all stress levels but it will help to clear thoughts and feelings allowing time to clearly address areas which may be causing issues. If time is an issue then try walking to work, take the stairs instead of the lift etc.

Take control.. Self control can be extremely empowering and self satisfying. Why not try taking back control of situations, whether this be in saying no, bringing in new ideas etc.. You take control!!

Connect with others.. Use your connections with friends, family and colleagues to support and assist you in any problems you have.. A problem shared is a problem halved!!

Me time.. Find time for yourself. Read a book, exercise, relax, do whatever it is that makes you happy and allows you time to switch off.

Help others.. This is a great way of helping to refocus and put things into perspective. The more you give the better you will feel allowing you to feel happier and more appreciative.

Acceptance.. Learn to accept that there are some things that you cant change. Don’t let these situations or circumstances control your feelings or allow you to become stressed over situations that you have no control of.

So.. What do you think? Do you think you can start implementing a few if not all of these techniques?

Finally… If you feel that this is something that you and your workplace would like to look more into then I would love to discuss the options and benefits of my ‘Wellbeing’ sessions. I am available to attend your workplace and provide a variety of holistic therapies including; reiki, massage, group meditation and mindfulness activities which could offer an additional de-stressing opportunity for everyone.

Remember stress free staff are far more likely to work more effectively and an environment which promotes a healthy wellbeing shows that it cares about its employees.

For more info contact Cherri on 07547792941







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