And so the Summer holidays begin…


I can safely say that when I think of Newcastle, sunshine is not the first image that springs to mind.. that said the past few days have been beautiful and hopefully it will continue so that we can all get to spend some quality family time over the summer with our loved ones.

It’s always a difficult thing deciding what to do or where to go through the holidays but a great and free way of having a fun time is with the massage sessions… Why not try and put some time aside with the kids and begin to make up stories or discuss future trips and outing etc.

My two children (now 11 and 8) can find it difficult to find a similar interest, which can mean that I’m trying to plan 2 different activities on a daily basis through the holidays, BUT they both enjoy the massage and have fun creating poems and stories to share with others.

Here’s a story to get you started… We’d love to hear how you get on!!

The Seaside.

(Circle) We’re going to the seaside..we’re going in the car.

(Fan) It’s a lovely sunny day driving down the road.. I wonder what we’ll see?

(Bounce) We’ll be splashing in the water.

(Sprinkle) We’ll be playing in the sand.

(Bounce) Watch out for the crabs..Don’t let them pinch your hand.

(Claw) We’re going to eat an it doesn’t melt.

(Circle) Back to the car we go.. what a lovely day.

I hope you all have fun and enjoy a well deserved relaxing break!!

Cherri 🙂

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