What Ive been up to..

Hello all,

So I hope that you’ve all been enjoying the small snippets of sunshine that we’ve been having.. I certainly have!!

I’ve been having a great time offering sensory massage sessions outside and have really noticed a difference in how the children react within different surroundings.

As many of you will already bee aware, I enjoy the variety of my work which can change on a day to day basis from; mainstream school, additional needs schools, 1:1’s and with babies. It can be difficult to explain the sessions to people, which is why I like to offer the first visit/session free of charge so that staff and or parents can get to see firsthand how I work, adapt and interact.

If you or somebody you know may be interested or you feel that your childs setting could gain from this service then please contact us for more information and additional benefits we could provide.

Finally I have attached a link to a clip of some of the work that I do. Many of my work is confidential and so am unable to share images of work carried out in schools and of children in care.


Thank you :)FB_IMG_1463742240181


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