Once upon a touch..

So are we all aware of the benefits of positive and nurturing touch?..and who its for?

Nurturing touch.. massage, whatever you want to call it is beneficial  to us all. Whether we are providing the touch to someone or someone is touching you, it all has the same amazing results!

The physical connection that we have with another person is extremely powerful. Any touch is great and as long as both people are consenting to be respectful and only provide appropriate positive touch to one another. Holding someone’s hand, rubbing their shoulders, all of which is giving appropriate touch which can make a person feel loved, cared for, respected and valued..resulting in a feeling of self worth and a gained confidence.

The ‘Once upon a time’ sessions are brilliant. I have run them with young children, older children, children with a disability or additional need, teenagers and recently with elderly people with dementia. The best part is that they are totally adaptable and can be focussed on a particular subject, hobby, fear, event or situation. Everyone is unique and so the sessions are tailored to the person and familys specific requirements.

I have recently been speaking with some fantastic charities, schools, networks and hospices and am hoping to work with them to provide this wonderfully holistic and expressive therapy to more people in the near future.

I’m pleased to say that I will be working with the lovely ladies at ‘The Toby Henderson trust’ working with them to support children and families with autism and a small group who find social interaction a challenge. I have also been speaking to the ladies at the ‘Talking tea room’ in Bedlington, which is the 1st #happycafe in Northumberland, and I’m really keen to be able to work with them too.

I am thoroughly enjoying this journey and am embracing the path that it is taking me on.. From babies to children, from teens to elderly and everyone else.

If you know of anyone who you think could benefit from this, or you would like more info then please get in touch….

Finally thanks and watch this space!! 😉

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