Benefits for Pre-teens and teenagers

The need for physical touch plays a great importance for a young person going through the transition from child to adult. Pre-teens and teenagers can be self conscious and shy of both themselves as a person and of their bodies. Providing sessions to educate and allow for expression through touch, can have great benefits in building self esteem, learning to value themselves and others and thrive through feeling nurtured..not to mention the opportunity to relax, focus, de-stress and re-kindle a bond within the family. These sessions can assist children with challenging behaviour and additional needs as a  hormone is released through positive nurturing touch is called oxytocin, this is also known as the ‘love’ hormone and is mainly known to be felt between mother and child during breast feeding. This has an amazing effect on everyone involved and so the caregiver can also benefit through the sessions.

If you would like to find out how the massage therapy sessions can support your child and family, then please contact me for more info..

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